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Life is just like the fish in the water


Once taken out of it


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Remember those days…

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I don’t find khushu in my salaah…

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A Masjid, Madrasah and Well in Somalia

In aid of a charity project in North Somalia, we are selling a new CD titled ‘Relate Unto Them Stories That They May Reflect’ delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Umar priced at £10.

We are raising money for a minority clan in the North of Somalia (Somaliland). They live under majority clan rule and are not allowed to study with other tribes.

They have no schools, no madrasa, no rights.

They are killed, raped and even burnt alive in their own homes.

We want to raise money so that we can build a masjid, a madrasa and a well for them inshaAllaah.

May Allaah free them from that sort of life.

We will pay for their studies including the teachers fees inshaAllaah.

Here is a sample of the CD:

Alternatively, feel free to donate any amount by clicking on the button below.

 Or visit;

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